Carlos P. Garcia

Carlos Garcia

Fourth President
Third Philippine Republic
March 17, 1957 - December 30, 1961

"Only those can remain free who are worthy of it. Freedom must be constantly deserved."

        A native of Bohol, Carlos P. Garcia was born on November 4, 1896. He grew up with politics in his blood. His father served as a municipal mayor for four terms. He studied in Cebu Provincial High School, Silliman University and Philippine Law School. He earned his degree in 1923.

        He was famous for his poetry in Bohol where he earned the nickname "Prince of Visayan Poets."

        It was in 1925 that he started his political career. He was elected provincial governor for two terms, 1931 and 1940 respectively; became a member of the congress in 1946; elected three times into the senate for three consecutive terms from 1941 to 1953, and was appointed as a cabinet member by President Ramon Magsaysay for four years concurrently serving as vice-president. He assumed the presidency after Magsaysay's death.

        During his administration, he acted on the Bohlen Serrano Agreement which states the shortening of the US Bases lease of 99 years into 25 years and renewable after every five years. He also exercised the Filipino First Policy of which he was known for. This policy heavily favored the Filipino businessmen in contrast to foreign investors. He was also responsible for the retail trade which greatly affected the Chinese businessmen in the country.

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