Jose P. Laurel

Jose Laurel

Occupation Republic of the Philippines
October 14, 1943 - August 15, 1945

"... our people will rise as one to meet the challenge."

        Jose P. Laurel was inaugurated president of the Japanese puppet government on October 4, 1943. Before he became president, he had held various political positions. He was elected Assemblyman in 1934, a member of the senate in 1925 and 1951; and a cabinet member in 1923 and 1941. A native of Batangas, he graduated with a Bachelor of Laws in the University of the Philippines.

        During his teens, he was indicted for killing a rival suitor. After he finished law, he asked for an acquittal and won.

        As president, he strongly advocated local government and autonomy, and foreign relations were mostly limited to Japan.

        When the liberation forces came in 1944, he flew with others to Japan. He came back after two years and ran as president in the next election where he lost to Elpidio Quirino. Years after, he was returned to the Senate.

        He died in November 6, 1959.

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