History of the Philippine Flags

KKK Flag

        The First KKK Flag (1892). Three big white KKK letters arranged horizontally at the center of a rectangular piece of red cloth (locally called "kundiman"). The color red symbolized the courage of the Katipuneros who stood ready to fight for freedom and shed their blood if need be. This was the flag which was unfurled during the "First Cry of Nationhood" at the vicinity of North Manila in August 1896.

One-K Flag

        Early Katipunan One-K Flag. In some localities, only one while letter K was placed on a rectangular piece of red cloth.

2nd KKK Flag

                The Second Katipunan Flag (1892). A red flag with the three white letter Ks arranged in an equilateral triangle at the center of the rectangular field.

Andres Bonifacio Flag

        Andres Bonifacio's Flag (1892). A red flag with the white letters KKK below a white multi-rayed sun. This was used by the war camp of Bonifacio, the "Great Plebeian" ("Dakilang Anak Pawis").

Katipunan 1st Deg. Flag

        Katipunan 1st Degree Flag (1892). A red flag with one white letter K at the center of the field, crossed by a native sword ("tabak") pointing downwards and a small skull above the letter K. This was adopted to rally the Katipuneros belonging to the lowest rank or grade.

Katipunan 2nd Deg. Flag

        Katipunan 2nd Degree Flag(1892). A red flag similar to the 1st degree design, but with two K's and no skull emblem. This was supposed to rally the middle ranks of the Katipuneros.

Katipunan 3rd Deg. Flag

        Katipunan 3rd Degree Flag(1892). A red flag, again, with three K's and sword emblem, for the highest ranks of the society.


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